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It’s Day 11 But Who’s Counting?


It’s Day 11 of my Twitter suspension, but who’s counting. ME! sad_face_100

If you’ve read my last blog entry, you’ll know that my primary Twitter account – @cyberjohn07 – has been suspended. It happened on June 28th (“S” Day) – a day like any other, until I logged in and saw the fateful message at the top of my “Timeline” page, “Your account (@cyberjohn07) is currently suspended”.  No warning, no reason, no justification – just suspension. The most frustrating part is the, “why”.  There isn’t any. I have no idea what I have done to deserve this treatment and Twitter has offered no assistance. Instead, their attitude seems to be, “It’s for us to know and you to find out”.

That attitude continues through to the “Suspended Account” help page which is supposed to provide more information about the “why”.  It doesn’t. Instead, there are vague references to violations of Twitter rules, aggressive following behaviors and hacked accounts but again, nothing specific. It’s the “… for us to know and you to figure out” attitude all over again.

At the bottom of the page is a link to appeal account suspensions. Since June 28th, I have sent several appeals and received no response. Nothing. Zilch. 11 days and, nada.

What could be so difficult that the folks at Twitter need 11+ days to reply (assuming a reply ever does come)?

There, dear reader is one of several ironies of this situation. I’ve read about many cases of cyberbullying where the Social Media provider have been reluctant to step in or act, yet Twitter had no trouble pulling the trigger on me. What gives?

It’s tempting to say, “So what”. It’s only a Twitter account, after all. What’s the big deal? It doesn’t cost anything to sign-up. Just get another one and move on.

The big deal is that I’ve had the account for 5+ years and have carefully, laboriously built my Personal Learning Network (PLN) with it. Following, unfollowing, winnowing, analyzing, refining. I’ve even given workshops on how to develop a Twitter PLN for staff and colleagues. It’s pains-taking, time-consuming work but oh so satisfying when finally “there”. Now it’s gone.

And so, I have begun again, much against my better judgement. Using another account – @detools – I’ve spent the past couple of days rebuilding my PLN. Before “S” day I was following 600+ “peeps”. Now I am slowly finding and re-following those folks again. “Slowly” is the operative word, because I don’t want to set off any “aggressive following behaviors” alarm bells at the Twitter control center and earn another suspension. And that, dear reader is another vexing irony. I still don’t know what I did to earn my first suspension so I have no idea what not to do, to avoid the same thing happening again?

Speaking of ironies, here’s another. It’s an article which recently appeared in the “Edudemic” ezine, entitled Why It’s Time To Build A Powerful Personal Learning Network with Twitter, of course. I want to have a PPLN too, I really do but … .

Thanks for reading,

John Goldsmith

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