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On The Move – Once More!


I’m not a “bad” person – really.

I work hard, follow the rules, obey the laws, keep my nose clean, pay my taxes, abstain from the demon drink (most of the time), askew porn and pirated movies, live modestly and faithfully with my dear wife of many years however, after dealing with 3 web hosting companies, I feel like a criminal or at the very least, a junior grade miscreant.

Earlier this week I again got the “boot” – again! This time from my third blog hosting provider. After only a week, I was given the ultimatum – upgrade to a much more expensive hosting package or take my business elsewhere. Before I could react and find an “elsewhere” to take my business, my account was suspended and I was locked out.

Once again, the DE Tools blog was accused of using more then it’s share of system resources. I tried to cut back – really I did. I deleted the twitter feeds, ended all comments and installed a couple of plug-ins which were supposed to make the blog run more efficiently. In the end however, it wasn’t enough.

And so, after some desperate scrambling and tense moments, DE Tools is back up and operating again – hosted by Internet Service Provider Number 4. It’s too early in the relationship to predict how this union will faire but, so far – so good. By that I mean no threatening messages from the ISP, warning of dire consequences have been received – yet. Hopefully none will.

In the meantime, I’m trying my best to put the web interface back together. Two migrations in rapid succession have taken their toll. The categories and tags have been lost along the way. So have a number of other functions. Some, I think I can restore. Others, I fear, are lost forever.

If relations with the current ISP continue to be cordial, without out threats and warnings, I may start blogging again in a few weeks.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed. A few prayers to the “blogging deities” wouldn’t hurt either.

Regardless, thank you for your patience during these trying times.

John Goldsmith

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