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SOCIALMENTION: Real Time, Social Media Search Tool


SOCIALMENTION is a real time searching tool which searches social media sites.

SOCIALMENTION is a search tool that searches Social Media sites like Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Flickr, Reddit and Twitter in real time for search terms provided by the user.

Why would a user need this service? The most obvious reasons might be to find out what’s “trending” or “hot” on the social web.

Beyond the obvious however is the un-obvious, such as gathering information about one’s “digital footprint” or online profile which is becoming very, very important. An ever increasing number of human resources agencies and college admission departments are checking a person’s online persona as part of their hiring/admissions process. Even inappropriate pictures tagged and displayed on someone else’s Facebook page or negative comments made by other online users can be invisible barriers.

So, how does one determine what is being shown, displayed or said about them on the social web? They use a search tool like SOCIALMENTION.

While SOCIALMENTION may search in ways that are different from a generalized search engines like Google, their web sites look very similar. One glance at SOCIALMENTION‘s home page and there’s no doubt it’s a search tool of some sort.

To employ SOCIALMENTION, the user simply enters a search term in the search box. By default, it will search through about 80+ popular Social Media sites. If the user is interested in searching just one or two sites like Facebook or YouTube then those can be selected individually.

To give SOCIALMENTION a whirl, I tried a search using “DETools” as the search term. Perhaps there is someone out there saying nasty things about my blog, or maybe some nice things. Either way, I should know and the search should uncover that.

As it turns out, few people are saying anything about the blog. I can determine that with free analytics tools provided by SOCIALMENTION along with the search results. For example, out of a 172 mentions analyses, 16 were positive, 153 were neutral and 3 were negative. Hummm.



Bottom line? I like SOCIALMENTION. It covers a section of the web that has not been all that well services by search tools and, as far as I can tell, seems to do a good job. Given the increasing importance of one’s digital footprint, this is definitely a search tool to be tucked away in one DE Toolbox.

The site is free to use and no account is required for access.

You can take a look by going to,


Thanks to Med Kharbach, creator of the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Blog for sharing this link.

And, thank you for visiting DE Tools.
John Goldsmith,

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