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QUIZSLIDES: Online Quizzes Created With Powerpoint.


QUIZSLIDES is an online quiz/test service which utilizes Powerpoint.

The trouble with technology is the speed at which it moves and the rapidity with which it renders programs, apps, software and even skills, obsolete. Take Powerpoint for example. There was a time when teachers who could create a decent Powerpoint presentation were considered a tech geniuses or gurus. Today however, a Powerpoint presentation is often met with ridicule and derision. The tech geniuses and gurus have moved on to online services like Slideshare and Presi. Powerpoint is soooo last century.

Nevertheless, there is something to be said for sticking with one program and learning it well rather then constantly chasing the newest, the hottest or the latest app. And, Powerpoint is still a powerful program with amazing capabilities even if most of those capabilities are not web enabled or compatible. Thankfully, there are some third party developers who are working to overcome Powerpoint’s web limitations. One of them is QUIZSLIDES, today’s featured app.

QUIZSLIDES allows users to publish quizzes and exams online. Notice I said “publish”. The actual quiz is created with Powerpoint. The user creates a series of slides containing a question and 4 possible answers, lettered for “A” to “D”. Because it’s Powerpoint, users can include pictures, graphics, charts, maps or any other graphic images (not sure about sound files or video).

When completed, the slides are uploaded to the QUIZSLIDES web site and transformed into a quiz. Part of that process involves the user scrolling through each slide and identifying the correct answer to each question.

When completed, QUIZSLIDES generates a self marking quiz plus a web link/embed code so the quiz can be linked/embedded in a web page. As an example, I created a simple quiz involving the flags of European countries. It took more time to find the flag images then it did to create the quiz, the app is that easy to use.








If you can not see or access the above sample quiz, please click on this direct link.



Bottom line? I like QUIZSLIDES. It’s easy to use and taps into skills that many teachers already have – using Powerpoint. There however one huge caveat – money. QUIZSLIDES has both a free and pay version. Free accounts have all the features found in the “pay” but is limited to 10 users or 10 accounts.

Essentially, QUIZSLIDES offers two types of assessment services, quizzes and exams.  A quiz is wide open for anyone on the ‘Net while an exam is available only to specified users, designated by the exam creator. The free version comes with 10 of these exam accounts.  While 10 accounts is of little use to a teacher who may have many classes of 30 or more, it does provide a taste for how each option works. And, if more student access is needed there are several commercial accounts available.  The cost is not huge but it’s not insignificant either.

The free version of QUIZSLIDES is available to use but an account is required..

You can take a look by going to



Thanks to Ana Christina Pratas for sharing this link.


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