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MENTALFLOSS:Facts, Information & Trivia


MENTALFLOSS is a fun, highthearted, information trivia site.

It’s Sunday again, the day of rest.

Do you enjoy playing “Trivial Pursuit” or reading the “Guinness Book of Records”? If so then you’ll love today’s site as it’s filled with entertaining and enjoyable trivia of no particular importance or significance. For example, on the day I visited the site, the lead story was titled, “12 Under-appreciated (But Equally Precious) Bodily Fluids”. If that doesn’t grab you then you’re probably not a MENTALFLOSS type devotee. Other challenging entries include, “Lunchtime Quiz: Name That Girl Scout Cookie” and “Can You Identify the Baseball Team’s Logo?”

For all the techies in the audience, here’s a quiz that will really test your knowledge. It called, “Name That Cable, Plug, Wire or Cord“. Before you begin, please know that I scored 9 out of 9!





Bottom Line? I enjoy playing “Trivial Pursuit” and reading the “Giness Book of Records” so would it surprise you to learn that I also like todays site.

MENTALFLOSS is free to use and no account is required for access

You can take a look by going to



Thanks to Gizmo’s Freeware for sharing this link.


And, thank you for visiting DE Tools.
John Goldsmith,

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