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DISAPAINTED: Draw/Animation Program


DISAPAINTED is a free, online paint/draw/animation program.

Today’s app, DISAPAINTED is a fun, easy to use draw/paint program with animation capabilities.

The draw/paint portion is fairly conventional with the expected features such as a brush tool, line tool, shape drawing tools, air brush tool, a bucket fill tool and an erase tool. There’s also an assortment of pre-drawn faces which can be incorporated into the drawing of a character, for those with that level of talent.

Animations are created in the old fashioned way. The user draws a picture, then a second picture with some slight movement, then a third picture and so on. A minimum of 10 pictures or panels are required for a published animation.

I suspect that in the hands of a talented artist, some amazing clips are possible. In my hands, not so much as you can see from my novice efforts below.

Click here to see my “Bouncing Ball” animation.






Bottom line? Despite my lack of artistic skills, I still enjoyed playing with DISAPAINTED. The drawing tools are easy to use as are the animation options. The only think missing is the ability to download the finished product back to the computer desktop.

The app is free to use but a sign-up is required for access.

You can take a look by going to


Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing this link.


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John Goldsmith,

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