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DREAMSTIME: Free Pictures and Images


DREAMSTIME is a web site offering free, downloadable pictures and images.

Today’s offering, DREAMSTIME is one of those “good news/bad news” sites where everything positive seems to be off-set by something negative. So, let’s begin with the positive.

The good news is that DREAMSTIME has a lovely collection of free downloadable pictures and images. Unfortunately, DREAMSTIME is also a commercial site and it’s primary focus seems to be “encouraging” users to sign-up for a “premium” (pay) account. Thankfully the “encouragement’ process and pop-up ads are not that onerous.

What is somewhat onerous is the sign-up process. Users will have to sign up for an account to access any of DREAMSTIME’s content. As part of the process users are required to provide a name, address and email information. There are also spots for a picture, bio, hobbies, sports, goals, objectives, etc. While most of the information is optional, it may still be a deal breaker for some folks.

Is the effort worthwhile? Yes – IMHO. DREAMSTIME does have a lot of lovely, free pictures available – almost 10,000. Unfortunately, none of them are divided into categories. The pay pictures are but not the free ones. That leaves just two ways to find a needed image, browse all 495 pages of thumbnails (20 per page) or use the keyword search feature.

Once an image is located, it can be downloaded, linked to or embedded in a web page. The linking and embedding options are nice extras which come in handy every now and then.






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Bottom Line? Despite it’s many challenges and obstacles, I like DREAMSTIME. It has a beautiful collection of free pictures which makes all the challenges worth overcoming.

User may download pictures from the free section at no cost however they do have to sign up for an account first.

You can take a look by going to



Thanks for visiting DE Tools.
John Goldsmith,

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