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POLLMO: Simple Online Survey Tool


POLLMO is free online survey tool.

Today’s offering – POLLMO – is a free, easy to use online survey tool that can be linked to or embedded within a web page.

Employing this tool requires the user to access the POLLMO home page, enter a question, create some responses and pick a “skin” colour. That’s it. POLLMO takes the information and created a online poll which users can embed in a web page (see below) or link to. It’s that easy.

Whenever a person votes, POLLMO adds their choice to the tally and displays the overall vote total.


Bottom line? For a quick, easy polling tool, POLLME is hard to beat however, simplicity has it’s limitations. For example, POLLMO allows only one question at a time. Of course, the user can create several separate questions but each would have it’s own individual web link. No exactly an elegant solution.

In addition, there’s no mechanism to prevent individuals from voting numerous times nor is there a way to keep the voting results private.

The site is free to use and no account is required for access.

You can take a look by going to


Thanks to Ana Christina Pratas for sharing this link.

And, thank you for visiting DE Tools.
John Goldsmith,

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