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ONLINE BOOKS: Collection of Free Downloadable Online Books


ONLINE BOOKS is a collection of more then 1 million free books.

Today’s site – ONLINE BOOKS – was created by the library of the University of Pennsylvania and contains more then 1 million volumes. That’s an impressive number by any standard.

While the site itself is very spartan in comparison to commercial versions, it is easy to navigate. Navigation is made even easier by a lack of pop-up or any other forms of ads.

The available collection can be browsed by author, title, subject or serials. There’s also a keyword search feature and a listing of new arrivals. Most of the content tends to be scholarly or research oriented. Some of the content resides on the UPenn site while other volumes are located on linked sites. No matter where the publications are located, they are all available for viewing and downloading without sign-up or cost.



Bottom line? This is a wonderful site filled with an astounding amount of content. While most of it will have little value for the K-12 environment, it’s still amazing what can be found with a little searching, such as this 1944 classic (above), “Labor and Education, Our Greatest Resource: Don’t Sell Them Short”. Have times ever changed.

The site is free to use and no account is needed for access.

You can take a look by going to

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