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SPORKTRIS: Freeware Version Of Tetris

Sporktris logoGreetings,

SPORKTRIS is a free, downloadable, Tetris-like game for Mac, Linux and Windows.It’s Sunday again – the day of rest. Some folks like to relax by playing computer games and what better game to play on a relaxing Sunday then the perennial favourite – Tetris or in this case a free downloadable knock-off with versions for Linux, Mac and Windows called SPORKTRIS.

SPORKTRIS may be a knock-off but it’s virtually identical to the real thing. Shapes made up of 4 blocks fall from the top. Players user the keyboard arrows to move the blocks left or right as well as flip the blocks over – just like Tetris.


Screen shot 2011 06 21 at 8 56 12 PM


Bottom line? A free, downloadable, open source Tetris-like game – what’s not to like? Nothing, until it comes to actually playing the game. Whether it’s Tetris or SPORKTRIS, a certain amount of skill is still required. That part has not changed either.

You can take a look by going to


Thanks to Kim Komando for sharing this link.


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John Goldsmith,

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