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PIKIPIMP: Free Online Photo Editor:

Piki logoGreetings,

PIKIPIMP is a free, online photo-editing tool.

It’s been a while since a new photo-editing tool has appeared on the Web but here’s a new one I just discovered called, PIKIPIMP.

As photo-editing tools go, PIKIPIMP is not “awash” with features and capabilities. In fact there’s not much beyond the basics of cropping and image rotation. Missing are features like colour adjust or special effects such as sepia tones. It does however have the ability to add some neat overlay graphics from a library of images.

To try this new tool out, I uploaded a picture of my cat. PIKIPIMP will admit uploaded pictures from a computer desktop, pictures from the web or pictures stored on PIKIPIMP.

Picture can also be downloaded back to the computer desktop or save within a personal library provided by PIKIPIMP when finished.








Bottom line? I’m not sure about PIKIPIMP. First of all, there’s the site’s name. That might be a deal breaker with some teachers/schools.

The app itself is easy to use but that’s to be expected given the lack of features there are to learn about.

What does redeem PIKIPIMP for me are the add-on elements especially the animated ones which can be added to any picture. There can be a lot of fun (at least for the first little while).

The site is free to use and some features can used without a sign-up however, access to all the sites options will require a free account.

You can take a look by going to



Thanks for visiting DE Tools.
John Goldsmith,

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