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SEARCHTEAM: A Free, Collaborative Search Engine

Search logoGreetings,

SEARCHTEAM is a new and innovative search engine that incorporates collaboration.

The loneliness of the Internet searcher. Searching for information on the web, even with the help of powerful, sophisticated tools like Google or Yahoo can be a tedious and lonely task. Small wonder that many young people, accustomed to instant gratification grab the first few information sources they find or not finding anything suitable with in the first few results pages, give up. Working together as a group is one way to alleviate the tedium but that’s not really possible when searching – until now and SEARCHTEAM.

SEARCHTEAM introduces and enables the concept of searching collaboration. In other words, a group of people can actually work together on a search in real time, sorting through the results and saving sites that look promising in one or more saving folders. It really is imaginative and ingenious.

To begin, at least one searcher has to sign-up for an account. The account holder can then invite colleagues to help out via email. Invitees don’t need an account for access.

Once everyone is together anyone in the group can conduct a search or sort through the sites on the results pages. SEARCHTEAM even allows group members to create folders into which they can save promising sites. It really is very slick.



Bottom line? I like this app. While the searches are not be as comprehensive and wide ranging as Google, the ability to work together as a group adds a whole new dimension to searching, especially for students who are used to working together in groups.

You can take a look by going to


Thanks to Edutecher for sharing this link.

And, thank you for visiting DE Tools.
John Goldsmith,

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