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Portrait logoGreetings,

PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATION MAKER is a free, online service for creating a personal avatar.

For those folks who would rather not display a picture of themselves online, today’s site, PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATION MAKER offers an option, an avatar maker. Instead of a picture, they can create their own graphic likeness without needing any artistic talent,

PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATION MAKER makes the creation process easy. Simply make a choice from each of the program’s categories and in no time, the layers blend together to create the perfect (sort of) likeness. As an example, here’s my avatar.

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Bottom line? This is a fun app that makes avatar creation easy. While the app is somewhat skewed toward the younger crowd, based the choices of hair styles, glasses, clothes, etc., available, that’s a minor issue. Besides, who doesn’t want to look younger, even in a drawing.

PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATION MAKER is free to use and no account is required for access.

You can take a look by going to

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John Goldsmith,

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