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PICTUREDOTS: Free Online Dot To Dot Puzzle Maker

Puzzle logoGreetings,

PICTUREDOTS is a free, online application for creating dot-to-dot puzzles.Remember, the “dot to dot” puzzles. They involved drawing a line from one number to the next, in a sequential manner. Eventually the lines would create the shape such as an animal, land mark, car, boat, airplane, etc. While this might not sound particularly difficult, finding the next number in a complex puzzle could be a real challenge.

I’ve been told by elementary teachers that dot to dot puzzles where a great way to teach student number recognition.

Perhaps it just me but dot to dot puzzles seem to have fallen out of favour. If that’s the case then today’s app, PICTUREDOTS can help. It’s a dot to dot puzzle maker that’s free to use.

The process begins with a picture which will serve as the pattern for the dot to dot outline. Unfortunately, only pictures already on the the web can be used. Users can not upload an images from their computers. If that’s a problem, images can be uploaded to sites like Flickr and utilized that way.

Once the picture is displayed within the PICTUREDOTS editor, the hard part begins. The user then clicks on picture to create a series of dots which will form the outline. This can be very tedious work. Thankfully, PICTUREDOTS provides tutorials and suggestions to make the process easier as well as a gallery of puzzles saved and shared by other users which may minimize the need to draw new puzzles.

When completed the puzzle can be saved and downloaded as a PDF file, which teachers can print and give to students. Or, the puzzle can be completed online using one of many PDF annotation apps.


Bottom line. Even with the tutorials and help files, creating a puzzle can be a challenge. Nevertheless, if dot to dot puzzles are something you’d like to include in your classroom activities, PICTUREDOTS is the place to make them.

No sign-up is required to use this app but an account will allow the user (among other things) to save partially completed puzzles.

You can take a look by going to:


Thanks to the MakeUseOf Blog for this suggesting this site.

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John Goldsmith,

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