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WALL.FM: A Free, Online, Social Networking Tool


WALL.FM is a free, online tool for creating a social network like Facebook or Myspace.

WALL.FM is a collaboration/social networking tool similar is some ways to Facebook or Myspace. Unlike those two apps however, users have much more control.

Users can participate in discussion groups, write their own blog, share pictures and video clips and much more.

The app does have a lot of functionality as well. For example, it can be open (like Facebook) so anyone can sign-up and interact or it can be locked down so that only invited users can access. WALL.FM even provides several “skins” so that each site can have a different look.

Each user has their own interface to which they can add a picture and user profile, pictures, video content, links. There are also links to the blogging area and any groups that have been formed. The user interface is relatively straight forward and easy to understand.


Bottom line? Of all the personal social media programs – programs that allow people to get together online, WALL.FM is definitely one of the better ones. It’s easy to set-up, administer and use. The user interface is easy to understand and use, plus the site has a lot of functionality and features. The advertising in the middle of the page can be annoying but the developers have to make a living too.

WALL.FM is an offshoot of an Open Source server program called OXWALL so, for folks who like the program but not the hosting, they can download and set up their own site.

All users do need and account to use the program.

You can take a look by going to:


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