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LOOPLABS: Free Online Music Studio


LOOPLABS is a free online service for mixing sounds and creating music.

This is a very powerful and full featured music making application with some annoying habits: the most irksome being a music loop that starts as soon as the LOOPLABS home page is accessed and takes forever to find the “kill” button.

There is also the “interesting” situation of LOOPLABS consisting of three separate apps, not just one. They are, “The Music Studio”, “Dubstep Studio” and “Electro-House Blender”. While each one appears to be different, all three work in exactly the same manner. The only difference I could find are the music libraries. Each app seems to have a completely different library of music clips.

Now, for the good news. These apps are feature rich and powerful music mixing programs. Each one has a library consisting of hundreds of music clips. Creating a music track is as easy as dragging a clip from the library on the right and dropping on the mixing board in the middle.

Once added, there are an amazing number of adjustment that can be made such as; timing, tempo, pitch, volume, fade and much more. When finished, the track can be saved, shared with friends through MySpace or downloaded back to the computer desktop.

In addition, LOOPLABS also allows users to upload their own sound files to work on or embellish.




As I mentioned earlier, LOOPLABS is a very full featured and comprehensive music/sound mixing program and despite claims of, “extremely intuitive and easy-to use software interfaces”, there is a learning curve associated with this app. It’s roughly equal to a program like “Audacity”. Watching the video tutorial is highly recommended.

On the plus side, LOOPLABS is not only a very capable program that’s also free to use and requires no software installation.

I suspect that students who are podcasting could have a lot of fun uploading their voice tracks to LOOPLABS and adding some background music.

You can take a look by going to:


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