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EXPRESSPDF: Free Online PDF File Converter


EXPRESSPDF is a free, online file conversion utility which will convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Web Pages to PDF documents.

EXPRESSPDF is another web app that does just one thing (file conversion).

The app operates much like another well known web based file conversion utility – “ZAMZAR”. Users either upload a copy of a Word/Excel file or enter the URL of the Web Site to be converted, plus their own email address. When the conversion process is finished, users are sent an email message with a link to download the converted file.




EXPRESSPDF did a good job converting Word and Excel files but web sites proved to be something of a challenge. Above is the PDF conversion of my web site – “DE Tools”. Notice the converted file is missing the site’s header graphic which includes the picture of the tools box and the sites name. I tried using EXPRESSPDF on a couple of web sites and each time, large graphic files were omitted.

On the positive side, conversion were done very quickly and sites with lots of text tended to faire better.

The site is free to use and no sign-up is required.

You can take a look by going to:



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