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NUMBEO: Free, Web Based, Cost Of Living Calculator


NUMBEOis a web site with a free and extensive cost of living calculator for cities and countries all around the world.

Something a little different today – a cost of living calculator.

There have been many times during my teaching career when I’ve wished for a site like this. Whether it’s helping students to appreciate how much it will cost to live on their own, after they leave home or comparing standards of living around the world, a site like this would have been invaluable.

The site is both easy to use and comprehensive. Users can browse by country or enter a specific city/country in the search box.

To give NUMBEO a workout, I looked up cost of living for Vancouver, British Columbia.



NUMBEO tells me what I suspected already – Vancouver is an expense city to live in.

I really like the extensive number of categories covered. Just about everything from the cost of a litre of milk to apartment rents are covered. Prices can be converted to a number of currencies.

A very nice site overall.

You can take a look by going to:



(Thanks to the folks at the Red Ferret Journal for this link.)

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