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PROPROF QUIZ MAKER: Free, Web Based, Quiz Tool


PROPROF QUIZ MAKER is a free web based service for creating online quizzes and tests.

Todays site is the free section of a commercial service. Like most similar services, the free version has some functionality but most the good stuff comes with a paid account.

As online quiz programs go, this one’s pretty good. Most everything expected in a quiz program is here. For example PROPROF QUIZ MAKER provides a wide variety of question types including essay and fill in the blank. Quiz questions can include pictures, links and video clips. There are also options for displaying the correct answers and comments, setting a start and close date and shuffling of questions


While a quiz can be password protected, there is one important element missing from the free version – the ability to track who took the quiz. Not to worry, this and several other desirable features are available in the pay version and the pay version is not that expensive – just few dollars a month.

To sample PROPROF QUIZ MAKER by taking a quick quiz I created click on the link below. The password is “ detools “.

To take a look at the site:


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