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CLKER.COM: A Web Site With Free Clip Art And Much More


CLKER.COM is a web site which offers royalty free, public domain clip art images not to mention a couple of unusual and interesting additions.

CLKER.COM should be an awesome. It has what appear to be a lot of great features not found on any similar sites however, all is not as it appears. Permit me to explain.

First and foremost, CLKER.COM is a clip art repository containing thousands of royality free, public domain images available for downloading. While a goodly number of the images are line drawings, there are some which are colour images. No account is required to access these images.



While an account may not be needed to download images, they are available and necessary should the user want to upload images. That’s right, CLKER.COM allows account holders to contribute/upload their own clip art images rather then just download. Naturally, users are requested to upload public domain images only however, if the user is not sure CLKER.COM will check the pictures out. Any image uploaded by one user is available to everyone – account holder or not. I think this is the first clip art site that I’ve encountered which allows image uploading.

According to the sites home page, user can also upload pictures which CLKER.COM will digitize/vectorize. To give this feature a try, I uploaded a picture of my son’s cat, “Koa”. Unfortunately, no matter which button I push or link I clicked, the picture remained a picture. I re-read the instruction, help files, FAQ’s but nothing seemed to help so I abandoned that project.

Next, I tried CLKER.COM’s draw program. Yes, the site has a draw program. Perhaps the motivation behind this accessory was to provide users with a way to create their own images should the graphic they want, not be available on the site. Whatever the rational, I couldn’t get it to work. No matter how many times I clicked on the pen tool (or any other tool), the canvas remained blank. Perhaps it’s just as well, I’m really not much of an artist.

Despite the non-functioning accessories, CLKER.COM still has enough clip art to make it worth book marking.

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