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RHYMES.NET: Free, Online Rhyming Dictionary


RHYMES.NET is a free, online rhyming dictionary for aspiring song writers and poets.

Not exactly a prerequisite for every DE Tool Box however, should educators (online or otherwise) feel the need to express themselves in song or verse RHYMES.NET is there to help with those tough endings such as Vancouver (which happens to rhyme with groover, hoover, mover, prover, remover and outmaneuver to name a few. In addition, RHYMES.NET also provides a definition of the word to be rhymed and it also “speaks” the word.


The site is free to use and no account is required.

Check it out at:

Enjoy :-)

ps; My Poetic Contribution with the help of RHYMES.NET

Olympic Haiku

The Vancouver Olympics have come and gone
But, the Olympic debt lives on and on
Medals for athletes. Layoffs for teachers.

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