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SOUNDRESOURCE: Free Music and Sound Effects Repository


SOUNDRESOURCE is a web site containing a rich variety of free music and sound effect resources.

This site claims to be the largest archive of free audio files on the web. While I can’t confirm that, I can confirm that there are A LOT of sound files available. For example, there are 3488 instrumental loops, 7059 Comic & Film sound effects and 8816 people noises, just to name a few categories available.


As I’ve said before, sound or audio is (IMHO) an under utilized aspect of the on-line environment. Everything seems focused on the visual. Nevertheless, sound can be a very effective device. For example, when one of my students does really well on a test or assignment, I’ll send a sound clip of people cheering. When an impending deadline is looming, I’ll often include a alert sound or bugle call. If not overdone, sound can be a fun but effective way to get students’ attention.

The problem however is often finding the right sound. That where SOUNDRESOURCE can help. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of sounds here. Most are mundane everyday sounds such as doors closing or glass breaking but there are a number of alert or warning sounds as well as some cute comic sounds. SOUNDRESOURCE also has a number of instrumental and musical sound loops which could be used as intro’s for podcasts or student made film clips

Sampling the sounds can be done without an account but downloading the soundclips does require one.

Check it out at


Enjoy :-)

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