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KIDBLOG: Free Online Blog Site Created For Students


KIDBLOG is a free online blog site created for students and teachers.

For those teachers thinking about blogging with their classes, here’s a service worth checking out. It’s called KIDBLOG and it looks very, very nice.


According to information on the web site, KIDBLOG was created by teachers who understand the importance of student safety and simplicity and for once, the words are matched by the results.

Set-up is a breeze. A teacher creates an account on the KIDBLOG site. Creation is almost immediate. Once that’s done, the fun really begins.

The next task is to create classes. Elementary teachers would typically need just one (Mr Smith’s Grade 5 Class) however middle and secondary teachers many needed several (English 8A, English 8B, Social Studies 9C, AP English 12, etc.). As far as I could determine, there are no limits to the number of classes that can be created nor the number of students who can be enrolled in each class.

The tedious part comes next – entering the usernames and passwords for every student. It would be nice if there was a way to do this by simply importing that information from a school database or spreadsheet but alas, it has to be done manually. Perhaps in future upgrades. Students do not however have to give out any personal information or an e-mail address to get an account. That’s all done by a teacher. In addition, the teacher can go back into KIDBLOG at any time, to add students, remove students or change passwords. It’s simple and easy.


The last part of the process involves permissions and security settings – who can see what and who can control what. Here, KIDBLOG has given teachers a lot of control over what students can or can’t do with their blogs, plus who can view them. There are a host of settings to control exactly who can view and comment on student work however, the controls are not overly arcane or complex. They are the type of settings a teacher would make.


Once everything is set up, it’s time to go blogging. One of the bits of information a teacher will receive when registering for an account is a URL. That’s the address of the blog home page. Students will use the home page to log into their blog with the user name and pass word they’ve been given.

Making a blog post entry is also painless. The KIDBLOG text editor has basic functionality plus the ability to add pictures, music, even a video clip.


To get a sense of what students see when they log into my class go to my class URL:


     UserName: BobbyS

     Password: abc123


I could find no limit to the number of classes a teacher can create or the number of students which can be enrolled in each class.

KIDBLOG is also advertising free and, in case you are wondering, I have no idea how the site makes money. As it was created by a teacher, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s being paid for out of hiss/she own pocket.

Whatever the source, this has to be one of the best and easiest to use class blogging sites I’ve encountered and I’ve encountered more then a few.

You definitely want to check it out at:


Enjoy :-)

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