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Conversion Central: 101 Tools to Convert Just About Anything


Anyone who lives and works in the digital world knows that file conversion tools are a must. The ability to convert files from one format to another can mean the difference between success and failure for a web project. That’s why the discovery of “Conversion Central: 101 Tools to Convert Just About Anything.” on the “Codswallop” blog was so welcome.

The “Codswallop” blog (the creation of bloggers Chris Garrett and Yoar Ezer) lists 101 file conversion programs and utilities.

Most are web based apps but some such as the audio editor program “Audacity” is available as a free download for Mac and PC computers. As with any long list, there are more then a few familiar names like Zamzar and the GIMP. There are however, many more that are new to me. These include, “Media Convert”, a web based all around media converter similar to Zamzar and Tube Sock, a downloadable Mac/Win app for capturing and converting YouTube videos to other formats.

Some of the applications are web based but many more are downloadable applications. Most are Windows based but some have versions for Mac & Win. Finally, some are free while other’s are shareware.

As you can see this list has a little bit of everything. Check it out at:


Enjoy :-)

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