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FLASH CARD MACHINE: Free, Web Based, Flash Card App


FLASH CARD MACHINE is a free, web based, flash card creation application.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about a flash card maker although, I don’t think FLASH CARD MACHINE is particularly new. It certainly doesn’t have that etherial, Java/Web 2.0 look that many new web apps tend to favour. In fact, the user interface is rather mundane and unremarkable however, this is one case where an app should not be judged by it’s “cover”.

Despite the pedestrian appearance, this is a nice app. The site is free to use but does require an account.


Flash cards are quick and easy to create thanks FLASH CARD MACHINE’s step by step process.

Once created, flash cards can be deployed in several different formats such as print, on-line or via i-Pod. Card sets can be kept private or made available to everyone.



As a result, there are an amazing number of card sets on a wide variety of topics that are open and available for anyone to use – possibly negating the need to create a set. Bonus!

Check it out at:


Enjoy :-)

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