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DOINK: Free Web Based Drawing & Animation Site


DOINK is free web site offering easy to use draw and animation services.

I’ve used a lot of web based draw programs but DOINK is one of the easiest I’ve come across yet. It really is intuitive and easy. Granted, this ain’t Adobe Illustrator but most of the basics are there; draw, fill, shapes, erase, etc.


In addition, DOINK is also an easy to use animation program. Simply draw or create a series of pages or panels.


DOINK will put the panels together and display them as an animation. Here’s an example I created which I call the “Numbers Dance”.

What a sweet little app! It’s free, easy to use and lots of fun. It does however require the user to sign-up for a free account and there’s no way to download a picture or animation (or at least none that I could find).

Actually there is a way to download the finished creation as a flash, “swf” file. Thanks to Karen of DOINK for pointing that out to me. That – IMHO – makes DOINK about the best web based drawing/animation program on the web.

You can check DOINK out at:

Enjoy :-)

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