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LEARNERSTV.COM: Free Video Content and Other Online Resources


LEARNERSTV.COM is web site containing over 3000 videos, animations and online tests which are free for educators to use.

The video content found on LEARNERSTV.COM has been collected from a number of colleges and universities and has been made available under the Creative Commons banner.

Most of the content is focused on Math and Science topics at a post-secondary level and consist mainly of professors lecturing. While recorded lectures are not necessarily a bad thing the couple I watched were sure cures for insomnia.

The real value of this site for secondary teachers is (IMHO) the many animations and illustrations – simple, often interactive graphics which show various concepts. For example, I tried a great little animation demonstrating how a buzzer works. Nothing earth shaking but very well done and easily integrated into a science unit.


The site is free to access and use with no registration of sign-up required.

Check it out at:

Enjoy :-)

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