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HOW WE MAKE WEB SITES: BBC Presentation On Web Site Creation


This blog entry from the BBC called, “HOW WE MAKE WEB SITES” is a simply, straight-forward, overview of the web creation process.

As the author of this post points out, the post contains little new or original thinking. It is however a very nice synthesis of the web site creation process, “built on the thinking and achievements of many clever people over many years who are too numerous to mention.”

The creation steps are present both as a long continuous blog post and as a Powerpoint slide show which can also be downloaded to a local computer.

What I had forgotten is how many sticky notes, flip chart pages and marker pens were involved. While there is probably a high-tech way to do all the planning and “behind the scenes” preparation, nothing beats a good old fashioned flip chart and “smelly” felt pen when expressing big ideas.


Check it out at:


Enjoy :-)

(Thanks to Stephen Downes for this link.)

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