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This Week’s #FF: Sue Tonnesen


Education leadership is one of those topic I know little about, have even less experience with yet, still find fascinating.

While it’s not the main focus of my digital and Internet inquiries, it remains a topic I enjoy exploring whenever time and opportunity permit. One of my main sources for articles and information is a PAPER.LI publication called “The Principal’s Read” curated by Sue Tonnesen. Sue is the principal of an elementary school on Vancouver Island. Among other things, She lists her passions as her school and leadership and it shows in the quality of articles which appear in her publication. For example, here are a couple of titles from her January 22, 2015 edition, “10 Commandments That Fix All Lousy Meetings”, “How Are Principals Spending Their Time?” and “Do Principals Have An Impossible Job?”

Sue also includes a few general education related items and some edtech topics such as, “Is Facebook The New School Web Page?”

So, whether education leadership is a passion, an interest or mild curiosity, Sue’s PAPER.LI publication should definitely be a part of your personal/professional learning network.

The Principal’s Read:

Sue’s Twitter address:

John Goldsmith

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This Week’s #FF: David Kapuler


If you read my previous post, you know I’m struggling with the Twitter custom of “#FF” and how to handle it. Rather than Tweet a list of Twitter names/’handles” of folks I wish to thank, I’ve decided to focus on just one person per week and provide a reason or two why that person should be acknowledged and followed by you, dear reader.

My very first #FF shout-out goes to David Kapuler – someone who has generiously acknowledged me many times in his #FF Tweets. David has worked with technology in education for more then 14 years which is noteworthy on it’s own. What makes David my #FF pick however, is his blog, “Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero”. In it, David highlights, reviews, describes and critiques new educational apps, software and web 2.0 tools. His reviews are short and concise with just enough detail to explain what the item is, what it does and how teachers might use it. Subscribing to David’s blog or following him on Twitter is a great way to keep up with what’s new in the edtech world. Many of his reviews have been featured in my Twitter stream.

Thanks David for sharing such wonderful resources.

#FF David Kapuler
Twitter: @dkapuler

John Goldsmith

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To #FF Or Not To #FF


To #FF or not to #FF. That is the question – at least it is for me.

For those new to Twitter, let me explain the tradition or custom of #FF (Follow Friday) It’s used by some Twitter folks to show appreciation or acknowledgement of another user – a recommendation to check them out and perhaps even follow them.

Like so many social media conventions, this one isn’t cast in stone. Some do it – many don’t.

There is even some dispute over how #FF should be done. Some users simply send a Tweet containing the hashtag #FF, followed by a long list of Twitter ‘handles” – the folks to be acknowledged.

Screen Shot 2015 01 15 at 8 58 26 PM

Others acknowledge just one person along with a reason(s) why they deserve a shout-out.

Screen Shot 2015 01 15 at 8 55 10 PM

I used to do #FF Tweets but not any more. What began as one post with a couple of names (new followers, people who’s posts I had retweeted, etc.) soon grew to three, four and more. Great for the folks being acknowledged – not so much for other followers for whom, I suspect, it was just annoying. So, I stopped.

In wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate or wasn’t grateful for those folks who had chosen to follow me or share a link. I was – honest. I just could not think of a way to show that appreciation in a way that did not border on spam or annoy other followers – until now and this blog post.

I haven’t given up on #FF entirely. The idea of acknowledging one person a week along with a reason (or two) why the person is being acknowledge has potential. Between the amazing people who follow me and awesome folks who keep me supplied with links and information, I should have enough #FF material to last a lifetime.

In the meantime, I hope this blog post will convince my followers and followees that I really do appreciate your support even if I don’t announce it ever Friday.

Thank you.

John Goldsmith

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The “R” Word


Greetings and Happy New Years.

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. It might have been a lot longer had it not been for a  “Tweet” (and blog post) from Jordan Tinney, Assistant Superintendent of the Surrey School District. He talked about the idea of digital resource sharing and collaboration but there, in the middle of his musings was the “R” word – “REPOSITORY”! I couldn’t stay quiet.

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Buzzword Bingo


Now that I’m retired, I don’t get to attend many conferences. That’s unfortunate because I really enjoyed them. Meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, being challenged/stimulated by new ideas and at times, being bored to death by a presenter who seemed to have little to say but was determined to include every current jargon or buzzword when saying it; it was all part of the conference milieu.

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RV Sites, Crappy WiFi and Schools


I’m blogging again! Not through choice so much as circumstance. The motivation came upon me while sitting in a RV park near Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a mystical new age mecca, renowned for it’s aura which is supposed to promote spiritual peace and inner tranquility but, it’s definitely not working on me. I’m so angry and frustrated, I could chew nails or write a blog post. The source of my frustration is the RV park’s WiFi system. I’m trying to use it to connect to the Internet but for all the success I’m having, I might as well try using to one of the  “spiritual vortexes” for which this area is also well known.

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I’M BACK! Still have no idea why Twitter cut me of…

I’M BACK! Still have no idea why Twitter cut me off but as mysteriously as my account was suspended, it was restored today. Strange.

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It’s Day 11 But Who’s Counting?


It’s Day 11 of my Twitter suspension, but who’s counting. ME! sad_face_100

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Twitter Cut Me Off!


Twitter cut me off! My primary account – @cyberjohn07 – was suspended. No reason was given or explanation offered.

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My Twitter Acccount Was Suspended


Twitter cut me off! My primary account – @cyberjohn07 – was suspended. No reason was given or explanation offered. Continue reading My Twitter Acccount Was Suspended

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